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BPMN Style Rules

  • Model activities, not functions
  • Activities first, events second, gateways third, ... , information objects, ... , type of tasks (User task, Service task, etc.),
  • One process, one page, subprocesses with detail information in an hierarchical style
  • Subprocesses could be without a pool (inherited from the parent) but lanes, if reasonable
  • Pool of a subprocess should be named matching the name of the main process, not matching the name of the sub process
  • Lanes could be used without a pool
  • A process could be drawn without a pool
  • Direction of modeling: left to right, top to bottom
  • Activitiy names: Verb - Noun
  • Names of events: Verb - Noun (Past Tense)
  • Show process logic, not how-to information (no task-information inside Activity labels)
  • Separate End events to distinguish separate end states with different lables
  • Use more than one Start event, if different triggers initiate different pathes (channel-dependent start with different lablesh)
  • Use the multiple Start event, if any of the triggers initiates the same path
  • A gateway cannot make a decision, use an task before it
  • Lable the gateway as a question, lable the gates yes and no
  • The None Start event has no trigger, the lable could be omited
  • The exclusive data based gateway cannot be ommited
  • First "happy path", second "exceptions"
  • A message, outgoing from a user task may be send (no cerntainty), a message outgoint from a Message event of a Send/Receive task must be send
  • A message (Message event) comes from outside the process
  • Name of the pool is the name of the process
  • Name of the lane is the name of the performer (role, department etc.)
  • Use Parallel Split Gateway Symbol (don't omit)
  • Name of an End Event in a Subprocess should correspond to the name of a following gateway
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