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Also known as AND-Split.



  • to fork from a single activity to multiple parallel sequences
  • the parallel branches execute concurrently
  • multiple streams of work need to be executed at roughly the same time
  • the streams are independent
  • same numer of in- and out-transitions are required



  • either AND-Gateway (cf. up) or uncontrolled sequence flow (i.e. implicit parallel split) without a gateway symbol (c.f. below)


Paralell split.png


Version 1
Parallel Split with a Fork Node. If the Task Nodes proofread Content and proofread Language consist of several tasks (instead of just one task each), the tasks of both Task Nodes could be executed as a total parallelized list of all tasks. Hence all tasks are listed together in the work list of the client and could be completed in an arbitrary sequence.


Version 2
Parallel Split with several (hidden) tasks inside the Task Node proofread Document. Graphically only the Task Nodes are shown in the jBPM GPD and not the tasks, that they consist of. For instance, these tasks could be proofread Language and proofread Content. Confer the Sequence example of jPDL.


Quod Vide

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